Andrew & Cody are the founders and owners of Blue Corner Dive. The two Canadians have been friends since they were children and started diving at a young age. They came backpacking to Bali in 2000 when they trained as Divemasters and have both been working in the dive industry since that time.

Andrew is a Marine Biologist, commercial diver, and Master Instructor with both PADI & SSI. He teaches the Divemaster Eco Option one of the most popular courses we conduct here at Blue Corner Dive.

Cody is a PADI Course Director, technical diver, and Nurse. He runs Blue Corner Dive's professional level dive training and teaches the PADI Instructor Development Course.

phil blue corner dive

Phil is our manager at Blue Corner Dive Mushroom Beach. Phil completed his PADI Instructor course with Blue Corner Dive a few years ago and has been managing our dive centre in Mushroom Beach since we opened. Phil and his team will make sure you have a safe and enjoyable time while diving here in Lembongan!

Komang Divemaster

Komang Joined the Blue Corner Team in 2013 and is a valuable asset to the dive team and success of our dive centre in Mushroom Bay. Komang was previously a lifeguard in Bali and so has excellent swimming and rescue skills.  He is a great diver with a passion for the underwater world, protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of all his guests.  Dive with Komang and see the best that our reefs have to offer!


Gede Joined the Blue Corner Dive Team also in 2013.  Gede started as our compressor and boat boy and quickly gained and interest in firstly learning to dive, then moving his way up to complete his Divemaster course with us here at the centre.  Gede is passionate about the aquatic world and enthusiastic about the wonders of Nusa Lembongan!  Gede now has a solid reputation as a fantastic guide and regularly seeing frog fish, mola and sharks!  In 2017 we are proud to announce that Gede is now a PADI Instructor ready to teach the world to dive!

Adi blue corner

Adi is our friendly office staff in Mushroom and can help you settle into your dive experience with our team by checking you in for diving and sorting our your gear!  Adi even sometimes doubles as a tour guide to show you some of the above water features of Nusa Lembongan!

Wayan Blue Corner Dive

Wayan is Blue Corner Dives man of many jobs!  Wayan works hard to ensure that your tanks are filled safely, boats are loaded on time, and adds safety on the boat by crewing the boats to help you in and out of the water!  Wayan has now just completed his PADI Divemaster and will be building his skills ready to guide you over the next few months.


blue corner mushroom bay